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Shipment Delayed

Hello Fellow Collectors! :3

3 days ago (27/2/2018) we received an email from the representative of GSC Japan, he informed us that GSC Japan decided to stop dealing with Malaysia Distributor ('Company Name' I can't disclose) due to ('Reasons' I can't disclose).

Since most of the goods are ordered through this Malaysia Distributor. So we are affected as well. Fortunately, GSC Japan will help us to sort this out. But sadly not all the items will be able to fulfill. If worst comes to worst, we will fully refund to you. Very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

New PO
Nendoroid Zero
Nendoroid Saber - Arthur Pendragon (Prototype) Ascension Ver.
Nendoroid Sakura Haruno
Nendoroid Itachi Uchiha
Mei Irizaki - Swimsuit Ver.
Nendoroid Hifumi Takimoto
Berserker/Tamamo Cat
Nendoroid Roll - Mega Man 11 Ver.
Nendoroid Hinata Hyuga
Snow Miku

Shipment Delayed
Nendoroid Reimu Hakurei 2.0
Nendoroid Lancer Jeanne d'Arc/Alter Santa Lily
Nendoroid Alphonse Elric
figma Joker
Nendoroid Mercy - Classic Skin Edition
Nendoroid Erwin Smith
Nendoroid Morgana
Nendoroid Edward Elric
Nendoroid Caster
Nendoroid Sakurakouji Luna
Nendoroid Sagiri Izumi
Nendoroid Mei - Classic Skin Edition
Himouto! Umaru-chan - Trading Figure 8Pack BOX
Nendoroid Lancer/Scáthach
Nendoroid Tracer - Classic Skin Edition
Nendoroid Yuuka Kazami
Nendoroid Megumin
Nendoroid Kei Tsukishima (re-run)
Nendoroid Emilia
Nendoroid Rem (re-run)
Saber/Souji Okita (re-run)
Rem: Wedding Ver.
Nendoroid Link: Breath of the Wild Ver. DX Edition
Nendoroid Horikawa Kunihiro
Nendoroid Izuminokami Kanesada
Nendoroid Keiji Akaashi
Nendoroid Kotaro Bokuto
Mikan Yuuki: Yukata Ver.
Nendoroid Holo
Nendoroid Sasuke Uchiha

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