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Kingdomino 多米諾王國 (RS)

RM 89.10 RM 99.00

Suggested Age: 8+
No. of Players: 2-4
Game Duration: < 30 minutes
Designer: Bruno Cathala
Publisher: Swan Panasia Games
Published: 2016

★★★ Winner of 2017 Spiel des Jahres (Germany's Game of the Year) Award ★★★

Players take on the role of Lords seeking new lands to expand their kingdom. As with “Dominoes”, these new lands must match the landscape tiles that have already been played. You need to create large areas of the same landscape type. But these will only score points if there is at least one crown on a tile. Points for each landscape type are calculated at the end of the game by multiplying these two together: so the number of squares times the number of crowns. Before this however, you’ll need to pay attention to your choice of tile, which decides the order of play for the following round. Taking a good tile now means you’ll play later next time. Each round presents the players with new important decisions as to which tile they should take.

Spiel des Jahres July Statement:
Kingdomino lifts the time-honoured principle of dominoes to a new level – without losing any of the sleek elegance of its predecessor. On the contrary: the dual mechanics of planning the far-reaching lands surrounding the castle and the clever method of selecting tiles fit together extraordinarily well, they are expertly reduced to their essential components. The strong two-player variant with an XXL kingdom rounds off this quick and easy-to-learn gaming experience.

★★★ 2017 德國年度遊戲獎冠軍 ★★★




*NOTE* This is the official SEA English + Traditional-Chinese bilingual edition. 這是繁體中文/英文雙語版。(Chinese)