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Splendor (RS)

RM 183.20 RM 229.00

Suggested Age: 10+
No. of Players: 2-4
Game Duration: < 30 minutes
Designer: Marc André
Publisher: Asmodee
Published: 2014

★★★ 2015 Nederlandse Spellenprijs Best Family Game Winner ★★★
★★★ 2014 Meeples' Choice Winner ★★★
★★★ 2014 Golden Geek Board Game of the Year Winner ★★★
★★★ 2014 Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Winner ★★★

Splendor is a fast-paced and addictive game of chip-collecting and card development. Players are merchants of the Renaissance trying to buy gem mines, means of transportation, shops - all in order to acquire the most prestige points. If you're wealthy enough, you might even receive a visit from a noble at some point, which of course will further increase your prestige.

On your turn, you may (1) collect chips (gems), or (2) buy and build a card, or (3) reserve one card. If you collect chips, you take either three different kinds of chips or two chips of the same kind. If you buy a card, you pay its price in chips and add it to your playing area. To reserve a card - in order to make sure you get it, or, why not, your opponents don't get it - you place it in front of you face down for later building; this costs you a round, but you also get gold in the form of a joker chip, which you can use as any gem.

All of the cards you buy increase your wealth as they give you a permanent gem bonus for later buys; some of the cards also give you prestige points. In order to win the game, you must reach 15 prestige points before your opponents do.